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Altima wheel maintenance light

The whell maintenance light is on in my 2008 Nissan Altima. Took it to the dealer who said it was the tire pressure light and they adjusted the tire pressure. The owner’s manual shows a different light for the tire pressure. This one looks like a wheel and the tire pressure adjustment didn’t help. Any ideas?

I have never heard of a Wheel Maintenance warning light.
Can you please post a direct quote of what your Owner’s Manual says regarding this light?

I think that we could all benefit from learning about this new type of warning light.
(Note: This is new for me. Perhaps other forum members are familiar with this light.)

This one is new to me too. I guess I’ll have to stop by the Nissan dealer and see what the deal is.

I’ve been wanting to check out the new 370Z anyway…

Your owners manual will show you the procedure to clear out the reminder for having your tires rotated (which is what the message on the Driver nformation Center actually is).

I have an '07 Altima, and you can set the car’s computer to tell you at a certain mileage interval to flash up a reminder for oil change, tire rotation, and air filter change.

Read the owners manual, and it will show you how to reset it, or to fully turn it off.


Yes, I assumed it would be in the owner’s manual as I did locate all the other ones that you mentioned. I always read these manuals. This one wasn’t in the list. Thank you for the information! I will try what works for the other lights and hope that will clear this one up too.