Altima Coupe

I have a 2008, Altima Coupe in Red with the CVT Automatic Transmission and with the exception of the practically non existent trunk, is one great car !! I got mine with the leather interior, heated seats, GPX, XM Radio, GPS and all the other bells and whistles some of which I am only now figuring out. Been too busy enjoying the performance, handling and feel of the car. Oh. Did I mention the sound system ? It’s great. Even better than the one in my Toyota Celica that I traded in on the Altima. The Celica was a great little car but way too under powered. The Altima has a 3.5 Liter engine that puts out 275 horses and that ain’t hey :slight_smile: Milage is decent. I average 24 MPG in the winter and 27 MPG in warmer weather. It has gone as high as 29 MPG and I wouldn’t be surprised if it went as high as 30 or 32 on a long trip. Recently, Nissan notified me that the power train warranty has been increased to ten years from the previous five year limit. I drive it year round this all season radials and it’s been great. Plus, I don’t see a whole lot of them around here. I like driving something distinctive and uncommon. I think I’ll be keeping this car a while.