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Alternators keep dying

While jumping dead battery , there was horrible noise and smoke – mechanic replaced alternator and the cooked battery. The 2000 Accord not used much, but after replacements , it was started and run regularly in driveway. But when driven light indicated battery not charging. Alternator replaced again. Car started fine several times, then was dead one morning after having been driven day before. Jumped again. No problem starting and running car for about a month. Drove car uneventfully about 20 miles. Next morning battery was dead again. This time when car was jumped, it started fine, but after two minutes, same horrible noise and smoke as before. I do not wish to jump car again, but it seems unlikely that there would be two bad alternators in a row. Also it is curious that problem occurs after car has been driven but not when is run while sitting in driveway. What are likely causes for energy drain? Is a “specialist” on electrical circuitry called for? I have used this mechanic before with good results and AAA trusts him.

The AAA thing doesn’t mean much.

At this point it would be very hard to say what is going on without knowing a lot more. Can you at least tell us what made the horrible noise and smoke? Where was the smoke from? The noise? What kind of noise? There are too many things involved to remain vague.

Were the main power cables replaced? It seems likely that this should be done at this point no matter what.

As well as the fusible link. By the way, I have personally seen a fusible link go intermittant.