Alternator or a fuse?

Our truck wouldn’t start one day when we came out of the store. So we assumed we left the lights on and got a jump, but that didn’t help. We have changed the alternator twice, got a new battery, changed a ground wire that appeared damaged, and changed the solenoid. What else could be cause the alternator to switch on when we start the truck?

So the truck has never started since that day at the store? Why would you suspect the alternator? All it does is charge the battery.

Does it crank over or does it click, or does it do nothing when you turn the key?

I am confused by your post. whenever you start your truck, the alternator will be on, as it is driven by a belt that is in turn driven by the crank shaft.
You need to tell us what precisely you mean by wont start.

  1. no sound at all when you turn on the ing. key.
  2. a click or thunk sound, but the engine does not crank.
  3. the engine cranks, but does not catch and start, and gradually the battery runs down and the engine will not crank at all.
    which is it?

If i’m reading correctly the truck starts but it’s not charging.

When I had the same problem on my 97 Explorer a 20 second look at the FACTORY charge circuit wiring diagram told me that there was a fuse to be checked.

Strangely enough the FACTORY wiring diagrams and the fuse list in the owners manual label this as the “generator/voltage regulator” fuse.

Sure enough the fuse was blown. Replaced it & problem solved.

If I had a 95 I would have the FACTORY wiring diagrams for it & could tell you if it has this fuse or not. But take a look at the fuse list in your owners manual.

A good set of wiring diagrams are your friend. Do not be afraid of looking at a good set of wiring diagrams.

Yes, thank you. That is what I was saying. She will start but won’t charge.

I might be a girl, but I’m not a retard. I do know the difference between it not starting and it clicking instead, which would have nothing to do with the alternator, and the battery not getting charged properly, which does have to do with the alternator. A fuse was the last thing I could think of, hence the post, to see if I was on the right track.

Thank you 87 Ranger, I will look into that today and let you know what happens. You are fantastic.

I tracked down the blown fuse. Thank you very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

nobody called you a retard, I was simply asking for clarification. No offense was intended. Sometimes what is perfectly clear to the OP does not come through so clear in the post. My tag is not about you, it is my tag, cause i fully realize that everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects, and I am no execption. I didn’t even know you were a girl. let alone such a touchy one.

Good deal i’m glad that worked for you. Hopefully this will be one of those times when a fuse just blows for no good reason.

Hahahaha. Sorry. I was not having a good morning. The rant was not really intended for you per say. Thank you for trying to help though, and asking more questions. I appreciate it.