Alternator gets smoking hot!

I have an '88 Toyota Camry that sat for 2 yrs. Had to jump it of course to get going.Later I found that the alternator was Very hot as well as the batt. terminals. I ended up changing the alt. the batt.and terminals. The alt was still hot 250-300 deg.measured with an IR thermometer. I changed the ground cable end but I’m apprehensive about starting it back up. I’m wondering if I covered all the possibilities. I don’t want to have to buy another alt. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Your battery went dead and sat dead for probably a year or longer, which is severe neglect. It’s sucking in the amps trying to take a charge. That’s why the alternator is hot, it’s trying to do its job: charge the battery. Get a new battery.

I think he said he already did.

It probably is a problem with the connections somewhere. The ground wire’s a good start-- go ahead and fire it up and see what happens. If the ground didn’t fix it, try the red wire.