Alternator Belt Diagram and Instructions

Looking for the instructions and diagram for replacing an alternator belt on a 68 Olds Cutlass convertible. Headed to the library tomorrow for the manual, but in the meantime, does anyone know of a link where I can download the details?

Links-sheesh. My son has a '70 Cutlass S, in addition we have the Olds Repair Manual at hand…

Fire away, glad to help.

Jorja Girl, There Were Several Different Engine Options In These Cars.

You didn’t specify which engine you have. However, most of these “68” “Rocket Olds” engines didn’t involve “Rocket Science”, in fact they are quite simple and straight forward. I believe this car was built in the V-belt era (pre-serpentine ribbed belts, which are more confusing). There should only be one obvious way the belt can go on and be the proper length.

Most of these GM cars only required one to loosen the pivot bolt on the alternator (usually near bottom), loosen the alternator’s adjusting bolt (it slides in its bracket when loose), remove the belt (if it’s there), put the new belt over the pulleys, adjust the tension by carefully prying the alternator, and tighten first the adjuster bolt and then the pivot bolt.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. I had a 350 4-barrel Olds Omega and a behemoth 2-door 455 FWD Olds Toronado (2 tons plus - Get your kids off the street!) way back when.


Jorja Girl, Did You Get That Belt Installed?