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  1. Fuse for Radio and interior lights keeps blowing

    2. Periodically the jeep will what I call Bog down, where it seems like it’s not getting gas, slow down, dull pop, then go back to running right.

    3. Yesterday the bogging got really bad, all the gauges would only read when the gas was pressed, and it died. Once jumped, it will run fine with the cables hooked up, but putt out and die once running on it’s own.

    I had the Alternator tested today, they said it was fine, so I am really confused as to what is going on with my jeep, Please Help!

Status of the battery?

Also check your ground wires.

Yes, by all means check the ground connection between the alternator/engine/frame.

Check both ends of all the cables connected to the battery. Make sure they are clean and tight.