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Help! Drain on battery? Or something else? 2006 Jeep

Ok, it all started with the interior and exterior lights flickering. Then one day the car would not start, everything worked electrically (radio,windows,lights,etc.) jusy wouldnt start(made a clicking type noise) I jumped it off (took very little charge to start),and drove to get a new battery. Tested the battery at the store and it was good.It did last about week then it did the exact same thing again.Took it to get a battery again, battery still showing good. Lasted another week. Now the windows roll up and down on there own, the lights inside and headlights flash or just suddenly cut off for a second,and drains the battery faster now. What could be causing this drain?

If you haven’t had the alternator’s output tested, then you are skipping a very vital part of the process. Truthfully, I would strongly suspect that your alternator is failing.

I did, alternator tested good also.

It sounds like you have a parasitic current drain and that is draining the battery. Here is a link that discusses the issue. A good shop should be able to find the trouble if you don’t want to work on it yourself.

Whenever bizarre electrical things start to happen, you should think BAD GROUND! Sounds like you have a bad ground somewhere and the electricity is feeding back. Check the negative (black) wire coming from your battery. It should be tight and clean where it connects to the engine and body. You might have a separate ground wire or strap from your engine to the frame. Make sure this is tight and clean too. I would bet the problem is a defective ground connection somewhere between the engine and frame.