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All wheel v.s. Part time 4 wheel

I know click and clack say that all wheel drive vehicles have to have all wheels changed at the same time , but is the same true for part-time 4 wheel drive? Because I was thinking of buying a mid nineties Cherokee , and I sure would not want to shell out for 4 new tires every time I get a flat.

If it is really a part-time 4-wheel drive, you should not have the same problem as an AWD vehicle. Although it’s not a very good idea to run one tire with drastically different tread on any car just in terms of handling.

However, I would make the caveat that you should make sure that this truck actually is a regular old part time 4x4. Jeep used a couple of automatic and full-time 4x4 systems during the 90’s and these may or may not be sensitive to tire circumference issues.

Thanks, that gives me a lot of info.