$$$$ Alignment


I had a 2005 Subaru Legacy with 121k New England miles at the dealer for minor maintenance(<$100). Clean bill of health except for suggested wheel alignment. The tires are slightly feathered on edges now.

They stated $89 normally for alignment however rear bolts etc needed to be broken off due to rust/age in order to align vehicle. This would bring the alignment cost to $340 due to rear end!!!

What is the consensus on paying the excess cost for alignment. Out of line, normal or somewhere between? Thanks.

Get a second estimate from another shop. It sounds a tad high, for cutting off bolts but Maybe there are additional parts in the estimate.

It sounds more than a tad high to me. There must be something else going on here. I’m curious as to what bolts need to be cut off and why. Subaru’s use corrosion resistant steel bolts so I’m not buying the age/corrosion thing.

Whoa…thats surprising that they even gave you that quote with the bolt cutting as the only reason for it… They should be quite ashamed at themselves… I’d never EVER even think of paying them that. Outrageous actually Screw them and go elsewhere…


Sounds high to me offhand but the “etc” is not defined yet.

The etc was defined as parts to do alignment.

I did not bite the bait and you folks confirmed my gut feel on this one.

I’m still not convinced that they’re trying to gouge you. Etc is defined as parts and parts is still not defined.

Subtract the 90 from the 340 and you’re at 250. Break down the locale, the shop hourly flat rate charge, separate the parts from the labor, factor in any taxes, environ fee, shop fee charge, and this may not be out of line at all.

As with most things in life, the devil is in the details and as with most things on this forum, details are usually missing in action.

The service manager was attempting to sell his to me on the phone. He did not break down the details of parts and labor required. Just the end price and his voice knew I would say no.

I don’t frequent them often however since they got an alignment rack they push it as an add on.

I’d be reticent to make any judgements about the price without knowing the details. It sounds to me like there may be extenuating circumstances of which we’re not aware. You need to get the details.

I’m wondering here, did the dealer suspect that the camber was off and he would have to put in a “camber kit”? If this is the case, and the camber kit is truly needed, the the price could have been correct.

I wish the dealer clarified. My goal here was not to make the dealer look bad. I just did not feel the explanation givien for $340 alignment was a good sell with lack of detail.

I am just wondering if its common occurence on 7 yr old car to have rust that inhibits an alignment on rear from being done properly.