Alignment after Replacing Shocks



I have a Ford F-150 V8 5.0L 2 wheel drive with 227,000 miles. I have been keeping this truck in good shape over the years, but recently I went in for a front end alignment and was told that I had they original shocks on the truck and that they should be replaced. Currently not having any problem with the shocks other then some bumps in my ride to work. There is little doubt that I need new shocks on all 4 wheels, but after the shocks are installed will I need another alignment. I have been on the phone with some repair shop some say I will need another alignment other shops says that I don’t and my alignment will be fine. Does anyone any knowledge about alignment after installing shocks?


The F150 year is 1994.


New shocks should not require another alignment.
When struts are used then it is a good idea to check the alignment.


Great this is just the information I needed.


Replacing the shocks will not affect the alignment.

This person either doesn’t know what he is talking about or he is triing to add to the stores profits by selling un-needed services.