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Alaska highway mechanics

We’re planning a trip from northern Idaho to Anchorage, Alaska - route roughly Jasper, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Liard Hot Springs, Whitehorse, Tok, Anchorage. Any suggestions on good mechanics should we need one?

What will you be driving?

2003 Chrysler Town and Country Van

Truthfully they are probably all good. Mess up (even a minor one that would just be a inconvience in the lower 48) on someones car in Alaska and someone could die. The bad ones are run out quick. Now I can’t say much about being protected from price gouging,you are somewhat at their mercy, expect to pay a preminum.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

Given the distance between mechanics, you will not likely have a choice, should a problem occur. Just go prepared, both car wise and $$ wise. The most common problems are flat tires and broken windows (from rocks thrown up by passing traffic).

I think you will be able to find good service at all the places you mention. Since I live in Anchorage I know there are two dealers here along with a lot of other shops.

Depending on the current mileage of the van you may want to consider having all the fluids and filters changed if they haven’t been taken care of already. Make sure the tires are in very good shape along with checking the spare tire, jack, brakes, and serpentine belt. Check the battery and alternator connections too. You may want to carry a small basic tool kit with you along with an emergency kit.

Have a good camera with you and something you can download the pictures to. You are in for a good adventure.

Thanks - good advice. We are having the spare checked when we get the car serviced before starting out.

Thank you! Good advice. We have an appointment to have the car serviced just before we leave and will mention all of the items you have listed including checking the spare.