Alarm problem on volvo 850

1993 VOLVO 850


I just bought this car and I can’t start it. The alarm goes off and the car won’t start. Can I disconnect the alarm? Will that help?

now i figured out what kind of car gets a 400 dollar side mirror!!

does your car have an after market alarm system? if it does, get rid of it.

how did you get it running to buy it?

did it run, before and now it doesn’t?

more info.

It ran fine when I looked at it and drove away fine. it started with no problem for two days. The person I bought it from said that he needed to disconnect the battery to get the alarm to stop.

Pathetically, I haven’t even found the trunk release yet.

Try disconnecting the battery to reset the alarm if that worked for the PO. When it’s running, get it to the dealer or someplace that does alarm systems. Either have the system fixed or disabled.

“now i figured out what kind of car gets a 400 dollar side mirror!!”

I think she said it was a $400 difference. Good luck finding any car mirror for $400 from the dealer.

that’s right. The full quote was $489 for the mirror parts and $105 for labor.

Sometimes original parts are the best but I live in the city and park on the street, so that just a bad investment for me. I live on a one way street and my condo is is on the side that exposes my passenger side. So, this mirror is something I may have to replace again.

Yup, they are pretty expensive and easy to break off. The last on I paid for was for my neighbors car (some domestic POS), after my daughter ran into it with a bicycle handlebar. I think it was a few $100.