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Alarm keeps going pff randomly after oil change

I got my oil changed and tires balanced Saturday at the local shop around the corner. Now my alarm goes off randomly and when I use the clicker thing to lock the car, the horn doesn’t make the beep sound it used to on the the second click. It never did this prior to having the oil changed, but how could that have anything to do with the alarm? I need to figure out how to make it stop, it’s waking me (and my neighbors) up at night, and I have to keep leaving where ever I am to go out and see if the dang thing is going off again, which it is about half the time. HELP!

Hyundai Elantra

Model-Year ?

Do you have an oil change alert on the vehicle ?
Perhaps when the shop reset it they changed your presets for your remote functions by accident.

Do you have an Owner’s Manual ? Look in there about options available when programming your remote functions when using the key fob.


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