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Airconditioning Maintance?

Hi, i’ve got a flyer from my dealership for my Altima for a $50 service on the airconditioning system (replace old refrigarent with new) and i wonder if this is recommended or if its not worth it.

This is a used car with a 100K miles and i am not sure if that got checked all the years.

I want to keep the car in a good technical shape and altough the air is still cool i wonder if spend my money wisely if i do this.

Thanks already to all of you for helping me.

Air conditioning systems do not need regular maintenance, and refrigerant doesn’t need to be regularly changed out like engine oil or transmission fluid. This is a load of guff.

As long as your A/C cools well enough, it needs nothing. Yet another unnecessary service being pushed by a dealer.

It’s a scam. Refrigerant is inert. Which means it can’t break down into a lesser element. Unless you see a drop in the AC performance, you don’t need AC service.


Man oh man, what won’t they think of next to rip us off? Replacing the refrigerant is never needed if the unit’s working fine. What year is your Altima? Only thing that makes any sense at all is if it has R12 - does it?

Oh buy, good that i asked here to make sure. I would’ve lost $50.
My Altima is 2001 and just hit 107k. Like i said, the ac still cools fine. see, i have no plan about ac system and the like. So i have to ask you :slight_smile:
Since i listen to the show i even do my oilchange myself and (sad to say) i replaced my enginemount. Again money saved.

Thanks again guy, i am happy to be part of this forum.

Good you asked! Yes, your 2001 has the latest refrigerant, no need to do anything!

It is reasonable to conclude your 2001 Altima no longer has a full charge,some leakage is normal. You may think it cools like it should but perhaps it could be better.