Airbag went off

what’s theb best way to repair an airbag system that went out?

don’t really wanna pay 2 grand to fix it…

check out this web site…

Sorry… but this is not a DIY job. You don’t have the tools or knowledge to properly repair and then test the system to ensure that it functions properly.

the best way to ensure the air bag does not blow off is to drive a LITTLE slower, and not hit anything!

air bags are stolen all the time. you dont say what vehicle, but if this is a common popular car even the replacements are $$$$

junk yards sell take outs, but as willy said, it aint a DIY item. you have to ensure it is wired correctly and test it without setting it off.

I agree with Willey on this one. And if you should trip the new airbag while trying to install or test it you could injure yourself.

Did the air bag go off or are you getting an error notification? It it went off, did they all go off or just one?

What kind of car are we talking about? Did the air-bag actually deploy? Was there any impact? How interested are you in having a functioning air bag in this car?