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Airbag mod


When I was a kid, we called that a rock collection, not a medicine cabinet. :wink:

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How many are familiar with what a CLAYMORE is?

I know what a claymore is & I would not want one that close to me at highway speed’s.

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The original was a Scottish two handed broadsword. The modern claymore is a remotely detonated directional anti-personnel mine. The front is labeled ‘This side towards enemy’ one of those warnings made necessary because someone didn’t.


You’re right. These rocks would become fragmentation fragments in the event of an airbag discharge, probably with enough of a charge behind them to fill the driver’s torso with rocks.

I plead with the OP, remove the stones in the photo. They’ll kill you in an accident that the airbag might have otherwise saved you from.

For those who never served, a Claymore is a mine used in warfare to kill enemy combatants, an explosive designed to drive fragments into their bodies, and perhaps take off a leg or two. I offer my personal thanks to Rod for pointing out the danger of gluing rocks to one’s airbag cover.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the picture is not actually @keith’s car. :wink:

I don’t see him as the PT Cruiser type anyway.

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I have seen some unusual and even flabbergasting interior decorations on automobiles and some were potentially dangerous but airbags have made bric-a-brac into dark humor. It’s unbelievable but customers have become hostile when I pointed out that the foot prints on their dashboard meant someone wasn’t aware of what an airbag could do.

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Looks like the product of 3 weeks 24/7 in a rock tumbler…

I can see it now, no one TOLD me it not to do it, how was I supposed to know it was dangerous?
The result- another label on the visor- DO NOT AFFIX ROCKS TO THE AIRBAG COVER.


FYI, I got it off facebook. It was from a “humor” page.

I just hope to God it isn’t real. It gives me the willies.

Years ago in NH there was an infamous small contractor (and character) who called himself “the Chief”. I met him once when looking for a small contractor and he’d covered every square inch of the inside of his pickup, including the seat, sun visors, steering wheel and shifter, with pin-on buttons. He was a bit “odd”. That was before airbags, but if he’s still around his airbag cover is probably covered with metal pins.