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Airbag Impact Sensor Question

HISTORY: I recently replaced a door on my 2010 GMC Acadia with a door from a 2008 Acadia. I immediately got a Service Airbag warning. I assumed it was a bad sensor in the replacement door since it came from a wrecked Acadia.
I pulled the sensor and found that it’s a different part. They put a different sensor in the 2010 models. I tested the sensor and did not get continuity which I assume means it’s still good(?)

QUESTIONS: Am I getting the error because the 2010 computer doesn’t recognize the 2008 sensor? Should I buy a 2010 sensor (and connector since that’s different too) and install that in the 2008 door? Is my continuity test of the old sensor incorrect and will a new 2008 sensor work in a 2010?

Thanks any help.

Transfer the 2010’s sensor (and any related harnesses, parts, etcetera), to the 2008 door.

Used door transplants often require transferring components, glass, trim, switches, mirrors, etcetera.