"Airbag brain" in Volkswagon rabbit

So I just need to replace the “airbag brain” in my 07 Volkswagon rabbit but I don’t know where it goes. I bought the new one to replace the one inside but I don’t know where inside it is.

Be careful diagnosing this type of issue… On many a VW I was told by the customer that they needed a new Airbag brain… and in 4 out of 5 instances it was simply a dirty or corroded seatbelt lock plug. Clean the contacts on the plug…re plug it in with some DiElectric grease and the Airbag light would finally go out and stay off…

My 03 GTi suffered from an Airbag light on the dash…nothing I did would make it go away until I discovered the corroded seatbelt plug issue. This issue is well documented on most VW specific Forums on the internet. Just an FYi