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Air will not blow from vent. Help!

Just bought a 97 buick ltd and no matter what setting you put it on no air of any kind will blow from the vent. any suggestions?

Anything comming out the defrost? standard default when there is a vacuum leak in a vacuum controled HVAC syatem is for all air to come out the defrost. Check that the HVAC control head has a supply of vacuum, I would not rule out a vacuum supply problem for something as simple as a rotted hose (or simply disconnected). The supply accumulator bottle is under the hood somewhere, just follow the vacuum lines.

EDIT: You can hear the blower motor run can’t you?

I am going to go on the assumption that the blower motor is not running. In this case, you need to first check the fuse. If the fuse is blown then you’re going to have to find out why.

If the fuse is not blown then you need to find out if power is making it to the blower connector. If it is, then you can just jump a direct 12V to the motor to see if it runs.

If all of that sounds like Greek to you then you just need a mechanic.

Go to the auto parts store and ask for a blower motor resistor, yours is bad and it is an easy fix.