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Air intake box rattles on my scion xb

My 2005 scion xb air intake box rattles when idling in drive. It smooths right out

when placed in neutral. The check engine light has not come on. I have changed the plugs, pcv and air filter all to no avail.

The car is still performing well. HELP!!!

Maybe the box is loose? Does the rattle stop if you touch the box?

Only if you put a lot of pressure on the box. The 3 bolts onto the bracket holding the box to engine are tight. I was thinking that one of the sensors (02, MAF) is bad but I don’t get a check engine light.

We recieved a post about 4 months ago with the exact same problem see if you can find it in search.

Any chance there is something bouncing around in the air intake box? I only ask because I once owned a Mazda 626 where the previous owner had apparently dropped a tool or part into a box in the air intake path, cracked it open, duct taped it back together, then tweaked the idle control to compensate for the air leaks caused by the fact that duct tape – whatever its other merits – isn’t actually much good at sealing ducts and duct-like things.

I’m having the same problem with my 2005 xb. It started after the 15,000 mile dealer servicing, and was most noticeable when the car was in reverse, or in extremely cold weather. I just had the 30,000-mile service and it’s way louder and happening anytime the car is idling. Putting it in neutral stops it, but it’s aggravating to have to do that. Someone at the dealership noted “air filter box rattles” on the paperwork – how helpful!!!