Air Filters

Are the high efficiency(green) air filters any beeter than a standard filter?

The best air filter is the one the manufacturer recommends for your car.

The term ‘high efficiency’ is meaningless. Increased air flow? More particles trapped? Who knows. It’s just a marketing ploy to charge you more – and does not contribute to the environment even one little bit (unless the filter is biodegrable and you add it to your compost pile).

I don’t know about green filters, but your best bet is the OEM style. For example, what is “high efficiency” Does that mean it cleans the air better? (not needed) dose it let air through easier (good but not needed with today’s cars and OEM filters. Many “High Efficiency” filters use an oiled filter that can cause expensive damage to your car.

If you are driving a highly modified car, then all bets are off and maybe one of those fancy filters may help you.

The word “green” has been beaten to death as a marketing tool but it works.

It’s simple really . . . the more air into the engine the better it breathes . . . to a point . . . but the air must be filtered or dirt will ruin the engine. I remember a few of my friends used to take the air cleaner off the car whenever we “tested” our cars up on the flats after midnight (parents didn’t know about this endeavor). Chevelles, 'Cudas, Mustangs, Novas and the like. Never seemed to make much difference to me . . . but it was a royal pain putting the air cleaner back on a hot engine in the dark, so I never followed up on it. I’d replace the air cleaner as per manufacturer specs, more often if you drive is dirty or dusty environments. The green thing sounds like a marketing ploy. Rocketman

“Green” air filters for cars? That’s hilarious! I thought I’d seen every come-on and BS story for air filters, but this is a new one on me.

The standard paper air filter that came with your car is the BEST thing to use. There is nothing to be gained (no horsepower, no gas mileage) by more expensive, after-market filters. When I need a new air filter I go to my local parts store and buy whichever standard paper filter fits my car. Brand name is irrelevant.

Actually I saw these at Summit Racing during their last truck show. The green has nothing to do with it being a “green” technology. They are marketed as a direct competition to K&N but use a green colored filter element rather than the purple/red that K&N uses.