Reusable air filters



Can anyone suggest where I can purchase a reusable air filter for my 95 Explorer?

#2 they have a where to buy tab at the top of the website that will list local stores if you type in you zip code or area info. The web site prices tend to be more expensive than our local stores so i just get info off the web and buy locally.


Why? Disposable air filters are not expensive, at least not when you buy them at discount. They are easy to find and work very well.

Disposable air filters are a little dicey. Some don’t filter all that well, others man damage some sensors on some cars (I don’t know if your car is one) and you need to clean them.

Are you looking to same money, gain power or avoid the bother of going to the store to buy them?


I would avoid reuseable filters. In most cases, they don’t filter as well, and tend to get various sensors all gunked up. Disposable filters generally filter quite well, and OEM filters will not damage the engine, which can’t necessarily be said of reusable filters.


Keep this in mind: If reusable filters were such a great idea, ALL new cars would have them installed at the factory. Other than the land fill issue, I see no reason to even consider a reusable filter.


I agree. Disposable filters are a waste of money and do not filter as well.


Why are you agreeing with me? I said reusable filters don’t filter as well. The OEM paper disposable filters do filter well.


When your MAF gets coated with oil and your vehicle does not run well as a consequence, don’t complain to me.

If you want to save the environment by throwing less stuff out, consider the solvent required to clean the filter.


I have to agree with this one, paper filters are pretty organic where the reuseable filters use chemicals that are not so organic.


I had one of them in the long-ago past by KN and it didn’t fit correctly. I hope they do fit right these days. I just said “who needs it?” and forgot about it forever.


Reusable filters are great. Have used them on 3 different vehicles and saw improved performance and increased mpg. Used on 2 Aleros, 1 Ford Ranger and 1 Lexus 330. The Lexus actually had hesitation problems on takeoff from the beginning (it’s only about a year old) but that ended the minute the reusable went in. Have had them in the Aleros for 30,000 and 55,000 and the Lexus for over 12000 miles with none of the problems listed in those other emails. As for the weenies worried about mucking up the environment, I clean the filters with orange cleaner and water. I buy the solvent but that was because of the price. I rinse them out under the faucet with hot water and shake them dry and they are good to go. I usually clean them out @10,000 miles. Takes about 5 minutes.


Sorry, Sue. That line should say, “I didn’t buy the solvent but that was because of the price.”


The above statement from a person who disposes his used anti-freeze down the toilet and expects his municipality to clean it up. Have you any more environmental tips for us?