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Air filter

I would like to know if there is a big difference between a $19.99 air filter from Autozone and a $12.99 air filter from Advanced Auto parts. Is it really worth it to buy the more expensive one?


In my opinion, no. I use a name brand air filter, or a more generic brand like STP, Microgard, etc, based on price, and have had few, if any engine problems that could be related back to the air filtration. If anything, change them more frequently.

I have seen complaints about certain brands not fitting correctly in select vehicles, but have not personally experirenced this situation. If I do, then that brand goes off my list.

Unless you have the facilities to test air filter performance, you have no way of knowing. The only unscientific test you could do would be to weigh them both on a sensitive gram scale and buy the heaviest one…

There are differences, but you are not likely to find any meaningful differences. I generally buy the less costly filters.

The biggest variable is the fit of that foam seal around the edge of the filter. If it’s the wrong shape or not thick enough it will allow unfiltered air into the engine and defeat the whole purpose of the air filter. If the seal is a nice tight fit the air filter will work just fine. If it’s not it won’t work at all regardless of cost.

I typically either use OEM or Napa Gold line of air filters. Both fit very well, have a good seal, and cost about the same. If I’m driving by the dealer anyways, I’ll pick up one there, or I’ll just grab one at Napa if I’m there for something else. In the whole scheme of things, spending an extra $5 for an item that lasts 20,000 miles doesn’t make much of a difference.