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Air conditioning 94 suburban sle

I’m considering trying to resurrect my ac. This always happens after a few days of high heat and humidity, which, in conjunction with leather seats and shorts, is not a good combination. Anyway the truck is a 94 with rear air. I’ve gone as far as determining it needs a rear evaporator and the compressor is very noisy so I would replace that as well. The lines to the rear evap are leaking and need to be replaced but I’m probably going to do all the lines if I proceed, just to be on the safe side. I have found one parts supplier who seems to carry everything I need and several others that have some but not all of the items. Big problem seems to be getting my hands on the rear lines without having them custom made. Anyone have dealings with Partsgeek because they seem to be the only supplier offering them. Oh and before anyone says ‘that’s a dead horse, your flogging son’ the truck is in excellent condition for an all season daily driver and runs flawlessly. Also I’m older, don’t drive that much anymore and just can’t justify replacing it because the ac isn’t working and frankly I don’t like the newer gormless ones at all. As I mentioned in an earlier post I would get a late generation Crown Vic or Mercury Marquis if I had to get rid of this faithful old truck. I would even consider getting one as a summer vehicle and keeping the truck for winter use it were not for lack of space. Thanks in advance for responding.

Have you considered eliminating the rear unit?


That might be a good idea. Seeing as how I’ve already taken the rear heater out of play with no noticeable discomfort during the depths of a Canadian winter.

I’m going to see my mechanic this afternoon to discuss options and I will run your suggestion by him.


Whereabouts do you live? My '95 Suburban could barely keep up with Texas heat, both front and rear running at full blast. But the cost savings from eliminating the rear may be worth it, especially if you don’t drive with many folks in it.

I do not think the rear AC has ever worked in the back on my 03 trailblazer I bought 10 years ago, front works fine so we just adjust the vents and everyone is happy. Sounds like you have bigger issues, but I do not, and we survive just fine without rear ac.

When offerred the choice of repairing the rear unit or bypassing it I don’t recall ever repairing the rear except on a customized van. And my only option to repair it was using rubber hose. It was a monstrosity but it worked and was out of sight.

I like the idea of just eliminating the rear evaporator. For an older vehicle like this, I myself try to stick to the “keep it simple” method of vehicle maintenance and repair. Works for me.

Thanks George et al for comments/suggestions on this issue.

One of the mechanics I consulted with says that by-passing the rear evaporator will place undue stress on the compressor and they would not recommend it. Any substance to this?

Mechanic or air conditioning repair person. Me thinks second opinion applies here. The extra strain part I doubt.

The same compressor is used for that vehicle with front only or front/rear air and the same orifice is used also. There is ZERO difference in correctly bypassing the rear unit and having an original front only AC.