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2000 Chevy Suburban Rear A/C Line Leaking

The rear A/C lines on my 2000 K1500 Suburban are leaking, cost to replace both lines if over 2K. Not worth it.

Is there a simple way to eliminate the rear AC? Can I simply cap off the lines to the rear?

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I have replaced these lines several times on various GM products. In regards to just “cappin off” and not having rear AC in a Suburban, well if you had children back there you would probably qualify for arrest, really, no rear AC in a Suburban is not a good idea.

Did they show you where the leak is? many times when you just can’t find the leak it gets balamed on these lines, they can be repaired, the dealer has as an “essential tool” a repair kit for these lines.

So it is a $2K job, always wondered what it cost the customer. One thing that can add too the cost (really two things) is that one of the lines that goes to the expansion valve (at the rear evaporator) likes to sieze up, this means you would need a new evaporator and expansion valve. Second, GM compresssors of this vaitage like to leak where the compressor case halfs join, easily a 50% leakage rate with these compressors.

Are you being told you must replace rear heating lines also? (they carry coolant)

I was told and shown the lines leaking just before the rear wheel well on the passenger side. The tech couldn’t see the dye but he/we did hear a leaking sound from the lines. The heating lines looked fine.

If I were to cap off the rear AC and recharge the system and it holds it will at least confirm the rear line leaking.

Have you ever removed these lines? I’m told both AC lines are bundled together so it’s easier to remove the pair.

I asked my two local dealers and was told they don’t repair A/C lines, but did offer to see me new ones at 500+ each!

I found a company online that sells a bypass kit for the rear A/C, it’s basically a couple caps with O-rings. Under the hood, disconnect the rear lines from the “I forgot the name of the component”, cap them off.


There is a web site called that has rear a/c block kits and rear a/c line repair kits readily available. They are really easy to install, I did one on my vehicle took about 15 minutes. Highly reccommended this site. The garages are way to expensive to repair these lines, they quoted me $1500 to repair my setup. Very reasonably priced and easy to deal with!