Air conditioner

Hi Guys

Its almost summer here in Wi. an that means heat an humidity. The ony thing higher is our taxes. And the love of my life will be with out air again this year. My 1999 ford f250 super duty not my wife. I have taken her to two ford dealers an two independs. She has stayed overnite an they stuck her with all kinds of probs an tests. NOleaks. Charging lasts about two months. Her body as great an her heart is strong. What should I do next. Devorce is out of the qustion. Jerry

Find an independent air conditioning specialist and let him run through his diagnosis. See what he says. At the same time, price a whole system replacement from him, as a worst case measure, if divorce is not in the cards.

Obviously, there is a leak. The most difficult place to discover a refrigerant leak is in the compressor itself. You should have an auto AC specialist take a closer look at this.

As long as a charge lasts 2 months you should only need 2 charges a summer in Wisconsin. Do it yourself and it will be much cheaper than fixing it.