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Air conditioner temperature control

My Chevrolet 1992 Caprice Air conditioner is chillin but the compressor doesn’t disengage when reach the right temperature inside cabin… There seems to be a temperature control or a sensor and i dont know where is it… so help me plz

On most modern cars, the A/C compressor does not cycle on and off, the way that they did on older models. Instead, the more modern HVAC systems blend heated air and chilled air in order to maintain the temperature setting. However, whether your '92 Caprice has one of these more modern systems, I can’t say for sure.

But–just to clarify your question…Are you concerned because the cabin is getting colder than desired, or are you concerned simply because the compressor is not cycling on and off?

Thank you VDCdriver for quick response,

Yes my concerne because the cabin is getting colder than desired and when i touch the low pressure switch i find it really hot.

P.S. my car heater core is disconnected.

another question: can the LPS work as thermostat?