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AC Blows Hot Air '03 Civic EX

Good afternoon guys,

I read some of the past questions on this topic, but not sure where to start.

-AC blows warm air.
-AC light comes on as it should (green)
-Under-hood Fuses are fine
-Refilled Antifreeze a few days ago, but still blows warm.
-Turned on the AC, lifted the hood and did not see the two large fans blowing. (Not sure if that has to do with AC or just cooling the engine).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again

See your note on the other discussion. Somebody had mentioned that it may be a bad switch. Check that before getting too expensive with other issues.

It could be just low on refrigerant, possibly due to a leak. An A/C shop could confirm both items. Unless you are planning to fix it yourself and you have the capability, you will likely have to take it to a shop eventually anyway.

My thoughts are either low refrigerant or you have a bad compressor. You could try refilling with refrigerant to see if that helps (they make some cans with a leak sealer in them to seal up any small leaks)- but this wouldn’t be a permanent fix. You’ll ultimately need to take it to a shop to see what the problem is. Good luck!

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help.