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Air Conditioner Question


My air conditioning just stopped blowing cool air. While the blower still operates properly, the air is coolest (but not nearly cool enough or normal) at the extreme right passenger vent, then is progressively warmer toward the driver’s side, with the warmest vent being the extreme left at the driver’s side next to door. I’m inept at mechanics in general, and especially with autos, which is why I bought the BMW (which tells you when it needs service) to begin with. The only thought I had was that I recently had the car detailed and the engine washed at the BMW dealership. Could something have come loose when power washed under the hood? I’m hesitant to take it back since my last experience was not a good one. I have of course checked all the settings. Any thoughts? Thank you!

BMW, 328

Model-Year ?
Approximate Miles On Car ?


Could be a couple of things. Could be the blend doors not opening correctly. The AC may not be correctly charged. If the dealer detailed the car they should be the first to see it for a free diagnostic. If you don’t want them to work on it say you just want them to diagnose the problem. Of course mention that it stopped working after their work.

328i, 2009. Thank you for your answer!

Why would you let them power wash under the hood? Anything could have happened. I’d start with the simple stuff though, like maybe they blew the AC clutch wire off the compressor or hit the heater control valve and knocked the control cable off it, and set it a little to the on position.