Air Conditioner problem in 2002 Thunderbird


The air conditioner in my 2002 Thunderbird intermittently puts out HOT AIR. The A/C light remains on and the compressor has been checked and is full and working OK. The dealer had me check the control module by pushing the 2nd & 3rd buttons together following by the automatic button. It’s supposed to give a code describing what’s wrong, but it only resets the temperature to 75 degrees. I found a site on www.consumerguideauto that says this car’s A/C may not work properly due to a bad control head module, but Ford Service says it can’t be that because there would have been a “code” when I did the above reset. I did take it to Ford when it was acting up, but they couldn’t figure it out.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem and how to correct it?


I hate getting nothing when I go to a dealer. The module should be changed anyway with the price they charge for those cars. A malfunctioning computer won’t always give a code.