Air conditioner blows on windshield not through vents

89 Plymouth Voyager

Air conditioner works, but air is not directed out of vents. It is hitting the inside of the windshield. Is this something easy to fix ourselves?

The vent control is usually done by using the engine vacuum system. There may be leak or broken connection in the vacuum line to the vent control.

I had the same trouble with my 1996 Buick Park Ave. I was told by the dealer it would cost $750 to replace the HVAC Programmer. All I needed was cut out the six vac hose connecting vacuum plug and connector. I then jumped each color coded Vacuum line using a tiny wiper hose that fit tightly over each and my AC function perfectly. The stupid connector deterioted or never was much good and the main inlet vac tube got plugged up. Works perfect since that easy fix! Your Welcome Jack Strobel