Air Condition Problem

Greetings Everybody

Here is a general idea of my A/C problem. In the morning when I go to work. 6am and it’s about 78 degrees my a/c work pretty good. When I depart from work “8 to 10 hours later” which is now anywhere from 90 to 102 degrees the air on the passenger side of the car is cool but the air on the drivers side is a hot as the air outside and stays that way till morning. My car has the driver/passenger a/c control switches “which I set both to cold” but I still have this problem. Does my cars a/c need a charge? I wonder or is there something else going on under that hood? Has anybody else has this problem?

If your car has seperate driver and passenger AC controls and the passenger’s side is working, I’d suspect a problem in the blend doors. The vehicle only has one “system” (compressor, evaporator, condensor, dryer and control expansion valve or orafice tube). It either works or not. The differences in the driver and passenger settings are controled by the ductwork.