Air blowing over an empty bottle



While driving i hear a sound like air blowing over an empty bottle.


Your radio isn’t working. Check the fuse.


can you hear the same at idle without moving ?


Yes, very faint and occasionally while at idle. I raised the hood, but I can’t tell where it’s coming from.


Radio works fine. SA


May be a leak in the airbox. Maybe a bearing noise. A stethoscope or a hose to the ear will help you locate. Throttle it at the linkage / throttle body under the hood and listen.


Possibly a leak in the power break booster which is vacuum powered


Would you walk up to a mechanic and say “Hey dude”, while driving I hear a sound like air blowing over a bottle" and expect him to be able to tell you what the noise is from? well why should someone be able to tell you over the internet?