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Air Blowing from Oil Cap?

Hi all, just wanted to know what you all think, I found a 2003 Ford Focus with 127k miles on it, it’s used of course, and everything seems good on it except there’s air blowing from the oil cap when I remove the oil cap. It’s not a light breeze, it’s more of a steady stream. Is this supposed to be happening? My friend said that it means that the rings are bad but I’m also reading it could be a valve. Any ideas?

Have you tried changing the PCV valve?


No I haven’t, I’m contemplating on whether to buy it or not.I don’t want to buy it if I’m going to have to rebuild the engine. It also is a zts and has vetech engine if that adds any more help to it.

Does this engine have the heated PCV valve?


Focuses don’t hold their value all that well, and this is an early model, on top of it

I’d look for a newer version

I hope the asking price is very low, in case you’re tempted to go for it

I’m not sure if it has the PCV valve, and they’re asking 2800 but I was going to try and go for 2100


There’s no PCV valve.

It has a PCV filter.!

And to change the PCV filter, the first step is remove the exhaust manifold, then remove the three-way catalytic converter.

Now you have access to the PCV filter.


It’s possible there is nothing wrong. When I remove the oil fill cap on my Insight, it feels like a steady wind coming out. But, if I hold the cap on the hole, it sits there and rattles. Obviously, the air is going in and out rapidly, and all I feel is the out.

Would you know of any other tests to make sure that the rings aren’t bad?

Sounds like too much money for a 2003 Focus

What would you offer on it?

I wouldn’t . . . I’d keep looking for a newer car

Any suggestions for a car then? I’m a college student and don’t have a huge budget for a newer-ish car, I currently drive a '97 camry.

What’s wrong with the Camry?


Just has an oil leak with it, but I have to pass it on to a sibling.

I would fix the Camry’s oil leak and keep driving it . . . those are reliable cars, which I can recommend

4 cylinder, I presume?

Can you describe the oil leak?

and please clarify “I have to pass it on to a sibling.”

I would rather fix a reliable car, of which I know the history, versus buying an older Focus

I’m currently using the extra car we have around the house, which is a 97’ Camry, and my sibling is going to need a vehicle to drive. So I’m buying a car so that they may use the camry. It is 4 cyl. and from what I’m seeing, it’s either a bad seal that needs to be replaced or there may be a crack, haven’t gotten to checking it thoroughly.

At the next oil change, put in a high mileage oil.

Such as Valvoline Max Life.

I just got a 97 Honda Accord with 210,000 miles on it that used this oil since 160,000 miles for FREE!

Nobody buys a vehicle with that kind of miles.

So the owner gave it to me for keeping it on the road for that many miles!

Although, it’s going to need front wheel bearings.


Okay cool, will do

I believe Focuses (Foci?) of this vintage frequently had electrical gremlins. Keep shopping around is my advice also.