Oil blowing out of oil cap

I have a 1986 ranger with oil blowing of the oil cap recently good and all truck but became very doggy in the throttle and started smoking thru 1st and 2nd gear and 3rd gear oil ended up blowing all down the driver side of the of the motor but starts right up changed the breathe cap egr and new valve gasket but still blows oil in the card its a 2.0 single barrel carb 5 speed need help abt to rebuild the engine stuff it in the corner a d put a v8 in it but idk what to build its a mint truck almost a mint truck body wise little bon do but nothing serious but ant to do a quick build

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Oil blowing out of an oil cap usually means that the engine is shot. Very doggy and smoking just reinforces my diagnosis.

Yes, definitely

This is probably correct, but I would suggest that the OP buy and install a new PCV valve. A huge percentage of drivers apparently never replace this incredibly cheap part, and the symptoms that were described could possibly be the result of a gunked-up PCV valve.

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Possibly the engine is overfilled with oil. Very likely in fact.

I would vote with @VDCdriver on checking/replacing PCV valve

Try replacing the oil cap.

sorry I was in a rush when I wrote it it was ant the ranger right?

You seem to be in a rush once again. Is the oil cap missing? Why does it appear to be leaking from the oil cap? There should not be any crank case pressure if the PCV breather circuit is working properly.

Is Ant The Ranger a cartoon character?
I’m confused…

Their is a breather on the oil cap that leads to the carburator and the carburator is were all the oil seems to end up

And the oil cap is not missing

The breather hose should run to the air cleaner with a breather filter on the end of the line, check if the breather filter is plugged up.

The PCV valve hose should be connected to the intake manifold at the base of the carburetor, check if the line,valve and ports are plugged up.

I recall that engine having an oil separator similar to an old road draft tube. The separator is mounted in the block behind the alternator and the PCV valve is between that separator and the intake manifold. Over filling would likely result in blowing the PCV valve out of the separator hose and dumping oil. And the oil would contaminate the combustion chamber resulting in poor running/power loss.