Air bags

Hi there, Mr. Mechanic,

I am looking at buying a used Kia Sephia, 1997

Do you have any advice about this car? The only thing I see that is wrong with it is a horizontal crack in the passenger dash, just above the airbag compartment. Do you think this means there is an airbag problem or that it may not pass inspection here in Missouri? Thank you very much, Judy

Take it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection.

If it’s a 1997 Kia, get it really cheap or not at all. Maybe $150. They weren’t reliable or good cars. The car has been lucky so far.

Lion’s right. Take it to your mechanic for a good look-see. There are countless possible problems that can be found on a lift or with equipment and knowledge but are not obvious to the layman (laylady?) looking under the hood. Some of them can be costly to fix and others can be dangerous.

Thank you, great advice. We are alive and well, zipping around at 40mpg God Bless you for speaking up. I’ll write back if I am wrong, or if I’m dead, haha.

Thank you for the follow up. We so rarely hear.

Happy motoring.