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Air Bag

Hi, everybody. I recently put a lumbar support in my driver’s seat (it straps over the seat), and when I did my airbag light came on. When I remove the support, the light goes off. The support is very light and doesn’t really push against or on the seat, so I’m not sure how it’s affecting the airbag’s function, but there’s an obvious connection. My problem is, I can’t drive without the back support, but I also need the airbag. Any ideas?

I have a 2008 Saturn Vue.

You should not strap anything over the seat. Having said that, I have done it. Why the air bag warning light is on, don’t know.

The Saturn Vue probably has side-impact bags sewn into the seat. And there may be a sensor that lets the system know there is something like the strap going across the airbag, and shuts off the system to prevent unintended and potentially dangerous situations if that bag were to be activated.

Try to secure the support from the top of the seat instead of the sides, or figure a way to pin it to the existing fabric on the face of the seat. That way, nothing is covering the side-impact air bags on the side of the seat…

If the straps are the cause of this problem you might consider getting some Velcro tabs from a hobby shop.
They often have these in various sizes with stickum on the back. A few strategically placed tabs on both seat and support here and there might keep the support in place without the straps.