Air bag

I like to move the driver?s seat as close to the front that I can because it gives me a better view of the road (in my opinion). What is the minimum number of inches that I can be from the front and still not have the air bag (if it goes off) hit me in the face or stomach? I drive a 2004 Hyundai Accent. Thank you very much. abxxx

The answer to that question just might be in the Owner’s Manual.
Have you checked the manual regarding this topic?

It’s going to hit you in the face no matter what position you are in. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

Sit in the driver’s seat with your back flush against the back of the seat. Extend your arms and place your hands on the top of the steering wheel. Adjust your seat (forward/back) until your wrists hit the top of the steering wheel. You are now in the correct driving position.


If the airbag deploys, it will put you in the correct driving position automatically…

In order to turn the steering wheel quickly and accurately in an emergency, you’re supposed to be a certain distance from the steering wheel so that your arms are in the right position. I’ve read more than once that the average American driver is generally a little too close. It sounds like you want to be even closer than average, which isn’t a good idea.

reminds me of the scene from the Airplane movie where they tell everyone to assume crash positions and everyone jumps and lands like they had just crashed