Air bag red light flashing on dash

just purchased 1997 nissan pathfinder with the air bag red light flashing on the dash. what does this mean?

my, usually, very dependable mechanics, suggested to just take out the fuse and ignore it. don’t want to lose use of airbags, if possible.

also, concerned this could mean that they might malfunction at anytime while driving … ? any suggestions will be considered and very much appreciated.

This means that your airbags are non-functional.

That’s what the flashing air bag light means. The system is malfunction where anything can happen. If it were on but not flashing, it means the air bags won’t deploy in the event of an accident. But if it’s flashing it means the air bags could deploy while you’re reaching for your order at the drive up at McDonalds.

Don’t wait to have this looked at.


Your friendly Nissan dealer will tell you how much it will cost to make them operational again. You bought it knowing the light was flashing?? That might have been an expensive mistake unless you don’t care about air bags…