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Online parts catalog for Ferrari and Lamborghini, with the diagram’s you’re looking for but only OEM parts so probably the same as buying from the local dealer.
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Back in the mid-'60s, the local Ford dealership took a '50s-era Bentley in trade, and placed it on their used car lot. One Sunday, I went to look at it, purely out of curiosity. It was in outwardly good condition. Under the hood, it was fairly clean, and there were no apparent leaks. Surprisingly, it wasn’t locked, so I got to sit in it. The leather upholstery was just so-so (apparently nobody had ever bothered to condition it over the years), but–overall–the car was very impressive.

This Bentley (identical to a Rolls of that era, except for the radiator grille) was one the 6-cylinder models, made before Rolls/Bentley introduced their copy of the Buick “nailhead” V-8, and it was priced by the Ford dealership at something like $2k. (That would probably translate to something like $20k today.) I think that the yokels at the dealership didn’t fully understand what they had sitting there.

I actually contemplated buying it, but first I decided to check parts prices. When I found out that a replacement muffler was something on the order of $1,500, I decided to pass on it because brand new American cars were selling for only a little more than that.

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