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Aftermarket catalytic converter

My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid needs a new catalytic converter. Dealer price is $1,100. Aftermarket prices are $350-$550.

Is it OK to use the aftermarket converter?

Yes. All aftermarket catalytic converters must meet the same EPA/CARB requirements as the catalytic converter that was originally equipped on the vehicle.


I would. But, if you must pass an emissions test in you area, get a guarantee from the aftermarket shop that it will pass or you get refunded. They’ll probably want you to do that right away to know that it passes and back the warranty. If no emmisions tests are needed then aftermarket all the way.

Are you beyond the 80K miles emissions warranty or does it need to be replaced because of physical damage? If the answer is “no” to both questions, the replacement should be free.

What makes you think that a catalytic converter will fix the problem? There may be a way to save all that dough-ray-me. Interested?

What makes you think it needs a new converter and how many miles on your car?

Thanks. That is what I am going to do.

If you look at the post dates and times, you’ll see that mocmvc isn’t interested in answering any questions. Unfortunate. We may have been able to save s/he this catalytic converter, and the next one two years hence.