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93 Mazda RX-7

Hello to all those rotary fans.

My a/c unit went south a few years ago and I’ve been sweating out the summers ever since. Do I have the leak repaired and stay with the old freon if I can find it. Or do I have the car retrofitted with the new system?

And who does this work?? Is there an option besides my local Mazda dealer? I love this car and would really like to go back to cool summer driving.

This is my first time in a discussion group online, so hope I’m going about this in the right way. thanks


Find a local A/C shop and have them take a look at it and give their advice on the option of replace or repair.  In my case (not my RX-7 however) I opted for the replacement.  I don't that would be the best option for all cars however.  

If you live in the north, most Radiator shops also do A/C.  In the south most A/C shops also do radiator repair.  

Taking it to the dealer will likely result in a good repair, but maybe twice the price.

This is the perfect opportunity to update the system to the new refrigerant. Have this done by a professional. I had my '87 RX-7 updated and the AC worked great.

There are a few components that have to be replaced, then the system will be evacuated and dried, and new refrigerant will be installed.

Check your local phone book for an automotive AC specialist. This is not a do-it-yourself project. It will cost some money, but it’s well worth it to have functional AC.