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After the crash battery issues

Hey everyone this is my first post on this forum and Im looking for some good help. So I was in an accident about a month ago, t-bones a car (her fault), damage to my F250 powerstroke was to the driver front. Long story short, a low battery issue caused my fuel injection control module (FICM) to malfunction, which in turn damaged my injectors. We were driving about 30 mph when we collided Here is my question. Could a front impact cause my batteries to be damaged even though there was no actual contact damage to them. Could the impact have jarred the inner cells enough to caused the battery to be damaged and eventually die? I am in a pretty good tussle with the opposing insurance company over coverage. Thank you all for your help!

Anytime a lead/acid battery is exposed to sudden shock, the plates within the battery can short out. And when this happens, the battery dies.


Do you have 2 batteries? one could be bad and one could be good, A bud had one explode and the other was good.

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Thank you Tester for the help. Would opening the battery reveal this? How could I tell if this was the case?

Check the Cold Cranking Amps


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Barkydog, I do have 2 batteries as it is a diesel. I have already replaced both batteries with new ones. Both batteries were loosing charge immediately after I would jump them.

No, you can’t (or shouldn’t) open the battery on a modern sealed type you can’t see a shorted plate, anyway.

Check voltage across each battery terminal. Should be 12.3 to 12.9 volts. Less and you should remove it, charge it and have it load tested at the local AutoPepReilly’sZone store. Do both. That will confirm, or deny the batteries as the cause.

Yes, there could be unseen hidden damage to a battery that has undergone an impact like that. But if it tests ok now, it might be a difficult thing to prove the impact damaged the battery and the damaged battery damaged your fuel injection module.

How long was the truck driven with shorted/failing batteries to cause damage to the diesel injectors?