After-market parts from mercedes dealer?

Hi, my Mercedes E-250 was badly rear-ended some time ago by an old woman (I suspect trying to beat a previous light) as I was stopped behind someone waiting for the reverse traffic to clear before taking a left. Anyway, the opposite party’s insurance is paying to repair the claim but included some after-market parts. I talked to the shop and the guy said that they would make sure that the parts came from Mercedes. When I asked whether that meant that the parts were OEM, he was cagey and said that the parts would come from Mercedes (presumably a Mercedes dealer). What does this mean? I do not want to pester him unnecessarily so I thought that i would first ask here if this is something I should worry about and what I should do.

What year is your car? Unless it is practically new off the lot, it is a used car. You have a right to be made whole and that includes possibly using used parts to fix your used car. New parts will not necessarily be OEM but should perform the same function and carry some warranty against material defects. This is widely accepted practice. Did you choose the repair shop?


Hi,Sorry, it is a 2016 Mercedes E-250 BlueTec diesel. The repair shop is attached to the dealer so I think that they have the same ownership so I decided to go for them (yes I chose them). I do not have an issue with used OEM parts but my worry is about after-market parts. I am not at fault here and does not being made whole basically being made the same as it was just before the accident? In any case, I am confused by what is meant by “the parts coming from Mercedes” so I wanted clarification. Thank you again for your help!

I would not be too concerned. After market parts would more likely be generic fittings. The bumper cover, sheet metal parts, chrome trim, and emblems will likely be available only as OEM.

Unlikely the insurance company is going to go for new parts. Either aftermarket or used. Your car isn’t new. They are obligated to bring it back to the state it was in before the accident…NOT to the state it was in when bought new.

Thanks, I think that from what I can tell, the main part appears to be: A/M CAPA LT Tail lamp assy.

I seriously doubt the tail-light assembly was even made by Mercedes. Those are parted out.

ok, thank you very much.

Ask the shop what their abbreviations mean. I’m sure they will tell you. Also, no auto manufacturer makes all the parts they assemble for a new vehicle. Many are outsourced, but they have a purchase specification to make sure they get exactly what they wanted.

After market, Certified Automotive Parts Association approved tail lamp.

The part(s) were likely selected by the insurance company appraiser, the body shop can request the use of different parts based on quality or availability.

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