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After market alternator

I have a 5,000 watt amp that I have to 2 channel to my subwoofers so it didn’t pull to much power to the subs.

I notice at full power the lights dim and I rather just run one channel and have more power without the dim. Except the 2002 alternator for a corolla only pulls 80 amps so ill have to find one that pulls 120-140 amps but where do I find an upgraded alternator that’ll be compatible with my car.

Sorry for dumb question I’m just use to going to autozone and buying the same part but ill need an upgraded part instead.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure, but you might check Rockauto’s website. They might have an upgraded alternator for your car.


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Tester beat me to it, 160amps. Appears to be built to order so it will take a few days for them to build yours.

Thanks tester, if I leave the car how it is, can the diming and high power pull harm the battery, alternator or anything else in that nature?

The alternator is being overtaxed because it can’t meet the demand.

It’s like trying to recharge a dead battery with the alternator.

The alternator runs hot and fails.


It may or may not but today’s computer controlled vehicles like a stable voltage across the computers not brownouts when you crank up AC/DC to 120 decibels .

The computers will shut down when the voltage drops below 10 volts, that is unlikely to occur with a good battery in the vehicle.

Years ago when large amplifiers were the “hip” thing, they would install a second battery in the trunk near the amplifier to provide stable voltage. The amplifier doesn’t draw 5000 watts continuously, the second battery helps to reduce the headlight fluctuation during the bass hits.