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Advice on permanent mount for AC inverter

I’ve decided I need to mount an AC inverter on my work truck. I have a 1200W inverter that I’ve been using periodically by hooking it to the battery via jumper cables.

My plan was to mount it to the cab, behind the seats, via rubber mounts. (That way, it’s protected from the elements, yet easy to plug into from the bed via the sliding rear window. Also, it isn’t readily visible from the outside.)

My question would be how to permanently wire it into the electrical system. 1200W (output) means somewhat more than that going to the inverter, which means a 100ish watt draw.

I was thinking “0” gauge wiring…is there any way to “fuse” this level of current draw? Also, what needs to be done to isolate the electric load to protect the electronics? (1988 Dakota, so primitive electronics at that).

The inverter should be mounted in a location that allows for a lot of air to get to it. 1200 watts will generate a lot of heat. If it has a fan, make sure the exhaust side can get the hot air away from the inverter.

What size is the built in fuse for the inverter? The inline fuse should be the same amperage. The inline fuse should be located as close to the battery connection as possible to protect as much wire as possible. The 1200 Watt capacity of the inverter is a ‘surge’ capacity, meaning it can handle 1200 watts for very short periods, like motor start-up time. Continuous wattage is probably more like 600 watts, and the fuse may be much less than 100 amp, more like 60 amp.

A ‘0’ gauge wire may be a bit overkill, but bigger wire is always safer. There are ‘0’ gauge inline fuse holders available even tho they cost more than 4 or 8 gauge fuse holders. But, they are available, and with up to 120 amp capacity. Also, make sure the ground (to the chassis is fine) is SOLID, with any paint or coatings thoroughly cleaned away. A bad connection here could be disastrous.