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Advice on a used car

I am exploring going into business for myself as a Business Analyst for insurance companies within an 8 hour drive of Columbus, OH.

I want to purchase a used car (don’t think I can afford the depreciation when a new car is driven off the lot) that will accommodate my 6’3" 50+ pound overweight frame, is reliable, is comfortable, and gets good gas mileage. It should also be one that a client will not wonder how much the hourly rate is for the car and how much is for my expertise.

Any suggestions?

I had great service from a Ford Taurus that came from a rental fleet. I didn’t have to bear the expensive of the first year depreciation. This was 20 years ago, but I assume cars from a rental fleet are still available today and may be good buys. The institution where I teach has Ford Tauruses in its fleet, as well as Chevrolet Impalas and Honda Civic Hybrids. I prefer the Ford Taurus over the other two–I’m 6’2" tall. I have a colleague who is at least as tall as I am and weighs 100 pounds more than I do. He prefers the Chevrolet Impala and even bought one for himself after driving one of the institution’s vehicles. If I were in your position, I would try both of these cars and see how they fit. Right now, these cars can be had at a reasonable price, even new.

2 wd version of used compact SUV. The most adaptable size…Inc. Escape, CRV, RAV etc.

Test drive a VW New Beetle. Daniel Pinkwater of NPR is reputed to be huge (he says so himself) and he has a New Beetle.

My brother and nephew are a bit bigger than you. They need cars that “fit” them. Lincoln Town Car, Ford Taurus, Ford Crown Victoria, Ford 500 all are reliable solid cars. As someone said a Ford Taurus with a V6 even from a rental fleet gets pretty good gas mileage, is roomy, and they are pretty much bulletproof.

I am 6’0" and I fit fine in a 2000 Toyota Camry and there is still some travel in the seat tracks to go back a another 1-2".

Why do you want to drive that far, Columbus is insurance company central. :slight_smile:

Your concern about perception is a good one. But possibly backwards. Personally, if I were a CEO or COO of an insurance company I might think twice about hiring a consulting analyst who takes me to lunch in an economical sedan. I’d want someone with the confidence and success to afford something decent. Perhaps a Town Car or Escalade. As a small business you should always appear bigger than you are. It’s part of marketing.

The second concern is actuarial. As an aspiring business analyst I assume you can do the cost comparisons for the different options, amd as an independent businessman you need also to be concerned when you do these of the value of perception, as described in my first paragraph.

My emphasis is to not overlook the importance of the vehicle as presenting an image of your company. It’s an operating expense now (or depreciable capital asset if you buy it), not just a means of transportation.

I wouldn’t go so far as to get an Escalade. The cops might pull him over and search it for drugs every other town. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it wouldn’t hurt to apprear to be better off than you are. so something like a Mercury Mariner or Sable or a Lincoln MKX or MKZ/ Town Car would give an upscale look, while not really breaking the bank