Advice? on a just bought 2005 Daihatsu Terios 4x4 automatic 1.3 4Cyl

Hi all, just bought this over in Turkey at my vacation house. Has 150,000 miles, but checks out at mechanic great and looks fantastic. My question has to do with any advice about things to do ASAP to prolong life and reduce maintenance costs?

Thanks a million,

I’ve seen may of these in Asia and they are generally good machines. With that mileage I would::

  1. change all the fluids (gear box, transfer case) if not done already. Make sure the exact fluids called for are put in.

  2. Change the engine coolant, if not already done so. Again put in what is called for.

  3. Change spark plugs if not already done so.

  4. Check power steering fluid and brake fluid. Top up with exact fluid specified.

If the car runs well and starts easy, you obviously do not need to do these things at once. We just recommend these for long term trouble-free ownership. The most important are the auto transmission fluid and the engine coolant, since you heading into summer.

Good vehicles, lots of them where I live. Ditto on the auto trans fluid as it’s unlikely to have been ever changed.