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Advice on a 2009 VW CC

930 miles on it. It has a water leak and the carpet, padding, firewall insulation, etc. are soaked. The STINK would kill a moose. VW wants to try and fix it. The body shop mgr. said that even if he replaces the seats, carpets, headliner, insulation, and puts it back together, there’s no way the car will be the same. Plus, my wife and I have bad allergies and have both been sickened when we ride in the car.

Should I push VW for a replacement or what?

This must be a major leak. I’m not sure if you can get the legal system behind you to demand a new car to replace this defective one. Laws differ state to state, so you may be best checking with a lawyer if you want to persue a new car replacement.

Replacing all the parts you listed will be very expensive for the mfg already so perhaps they will call the car a loss and use it for crash testing or something. What a shame, I’m sure you must be disappointed. Not a good testimonial for a new VW.

If done right, it will be effectively the same. However you are likely not like it as much and if and when you want to sell it, a potential buyer, if they find out, will likely pass or demand additional cost reduction.

In any case good luck. Try to look at the situation as objectively as possible as that will likely end up determining how happy you will be in the end. Right now it is not going to be easy to accept.

If it really bothers you, and if they will not budge on a replacement car, then I suggest contacting your legal representative. Laws vary from area to area so we can’t really give specific advice there.

Because of the potential locations of the leak, the dealer doesn’t believe that they can bag it. Ergo, anything that they do will be the first in a series of events, including replacing everything. Under Mass. Lemon Law AND the federal Magnuson-Moss Act, what’s going on substantially impacts the fair market value of the item in question. I’m going to fight for a replacement.

I believe MA has more laws on the books in your favor than many other states. It will be a fight, but one you can win. I’d advise some more research on your own, and hire an attorney. This is not a “cheap” car you deserve your money’s worth.

I live in MA and filed a Lemon Law suit due to having the car back 4 times for approx 30 days loss including 4 days after I leased it. It has been back 3 times for steering issues, one coolant leak and twice for awful floorboard leak (all of the doors hold water - see postings on about this car and issue). The carpet stinks due to wetness - its been a nightmare. It truly is a beautiful car but unreliable and i had no choice but to file. They said the new strips or molding will solve the leak issue but they should recall this car. There are several good attorneys who do this Lemon Law work. Best of luck.

If replacement will be the answer then maybe you should look for some parts like those seats, carpets, headliner, etc. that you could at least “clean” easily? If you get my idea…? Just so for you to save rather than spend…